September 8, 2021

Mahjong: The New Phenomenon among US Gamblers

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Mahjong was first played in by the Chinese in the 1800s before it got exported to America. Playing the game involves players who try to outdo one another in making unique sets of tiles. The game became popular among Jewish women shortly after World War 2. The local folks played it to pass the time and help like-minded women build lasting relationships.

Mahjong: The New Phenomenon among US Gamblers

Where New Players Can Learn Mahjong in America

As the game gains attraction in the US, new players interested in learning how to play Mahjong can join one of the many establishments teaching the game to new players. A good example is the Mahjong and a Schmear initiative headed by Susie Fasbinder and Beverly Wilpon. Entry into the classes starts at $25 per hour, and it only takes about three classes to learn how to play the game.

Is Mahjong a Game for Old Folks?

Anyone can enjoy playing Mahjong regardless of age. Although only older adults played Mahjong in the past, younger players in their 30s and 40 are also starting to gain interest. Besides, developers have made digital versions of the game, which you can find as mobile applications. In addition, instant games make part of the games listed in major online casinos.

Mahjong’s Role in the Community

Like the original game, Mahjong players use the game to bring people together in the modern-day. The Filipino and Jewish communities in America play Mahjong for long hours on holidays and festivities. Friends and family come together around the Mahjong game on events such as New Year’s Eve.

It is common to find a group of moms staying up all night playing the game, laughing hysterically, and making banter in communities where the game is popular.

Emerging Trends Around the Game

Some people have innovated ways of cashing in on the buzz around Mahjong. In 2020, a group of three women made waves across the Internet after announcing the launch of their company “The Mahjong Line.” Their business model is based around making exclusive lines of Mahjong sets that retail for $300.

The idea attracted a mix of positive and negative opinions among experienced Mahjong players. On the one hand, the unique Mahjong sets modernize the game and make it popular among the younger generation. On the other hand, the experienced players, most of whom are of advanced age, see the move as a corruption of culture. In light of this, the launch of The Mahjong Line received severe backlash online.


Mahjong landed in America as a Chinese game and has retained its authenticity for a long time. However, new trends seek to change how players perceive the game and make it likable to more people. In reality, changes to the original game are inevitable. Like all games found in online casinos, different variations of Mahjong already exist.

Nonetheless, the original idea behind the game still stands. The game still aims to bring people together to help them network and build lasting relationships. In fact, digital versions of the game go beyond physical meetings. They allow people from all over the world to meet and interact remotely.

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