April 17, 2024

Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive Unite for a Stellar Collaboration Event!

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Key Takeaways:

Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive Unite for a Stellar Collaboration Event!
  • Dive into the unique School Fes Frenzy event in Mahjong Soul, featuring new gameplay and limited-time stories.
  • Meet four exclusive characters from Blue Archive, making a splash in the Mahjong Soul universe.
  • Deck out your characters in the new Flowery Charms Series outfits and spruce up your game with limited-time decorations.

April 17, 2024 - Shanghai, China - It's an exciting day in the world of mobile gaming as Mahjong Soul teams up with Blue Archive for a groundbreaking collaboration! Developed by NEXON GAMES, Blue Archive has carved its niche as a sensational Sub-culture RPG mobile game. This collaboration is set to enchant Mahjong Soul players with four exclusive characters, bespoke collaboration outfits, and unique, time-limited decorations. Plus, there’s a bounty of generous event rewards up for grabs.

New Limited-time Collaboration Event

School Fes Frenzy beckons all players to an unprecedented event blending new match modes and a captivating time-limited story. Breaking from traditional mahjong mechanics, the event introduces Soul Punch, a mode where players discard six tiles consecutively after declaring Riichi, ramping up the excitement and strategy. This limited-time event, running from April 16th to May 7th, 2024 (UTC-7), promises ranked matches and Soul Punch bouts filled with thrilling possibilities to earn tokens and snag exclusive rewards.

New Collaboration Characters

The Blue Archive universe collides with Mahjong Soul, bringing four unique characters into this captivating world. Each character, from sporty Shiroko to mischievous Mutsuki, adds a rich layer of story and charm to the Mahjong Soul experience. Their unexpected journey into the Mahjong Soul Shrine adds depth and excitement, promising players a delightful and engaging encounter.

New Collaboration Outfits & Decorations

The collaboration extends into fashion with the Flowery Charms Series, a lineup of elegant qipao outfits for the four guest characters. Alongside these chic outfits, players can enhance their gaming experience with exclusive, limited-time decorations such as Winning, Riichi, Riichi Bet, Tile Back, and Tablecloth. These additions not only enrich the visual appeal but also the immersive experience of the game.

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Don’t miss out on any updates! Follow the official channels of Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive to stay in the loop about this exciting collaboration and more. Whether it's through their Official Homepage, Discord, X, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, there's a wealth of content and community to explore.

About Blue Archive

Developed by NEXON GAMES and launched globally in November 2021, Blue Archive has quickly become a beloved RPG title. It offers players a unique blend of everyday miracles and engaging RPG mechanics. For more about this enchanting world, visit their official website.

About Yostar Games

Yostar Games, founded in 2014, has emerged as a leading publisher and developer, especially in the anime game genre. With its headquarters in Tokyo and Shanghai, Yostar Games is on a mission to dominate the global gaming landscape.

This collaboration between Mahjong Soul and Blue Archive is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of gaming, storytelling, and community. Join the School Fes Frenzy and immerse yourself in a world where strategy, beauty, and action collide!

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