April 17, 2024

The Wonderful World of Mahjong: A Tale of Unlikely Friends and Timeless Enjoyment

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  • Key takeaway one: Mahjong, more than just a game, is a source of simple enjoyment and connection for a diverse group of individuals.
  • Key takeaway two: The game's resurgence, especially in places like Buckhead, is part of a broader trend seeking connection and mental stimulation.
  • Key takeaway three: Mahjong fosters a unique community spirit, transcending traditional social gatherings with its blend of strategy, camaraderie, and laughter.

What do three lawyers, one private equity investor, a SCAD professor, a commercial real estate broker, and a writer have in common? They all revel in the ancient game of Mahjong. This eclectic group forms my Mahjong circle, and this is our story.

The Wonderful World of Mahjong: A Tale of Unlikely Friends and Timeless Enjoyment

In the heart of Buckhead, Mahjong enthusiasts are emerging as a vibrant community. Despite its cultural references in The Joy Luck Club and Crazy Rich Asians, many are still intrigued by the question: What exactly is Mahjong?

At its essence, Mahjong can be likened to gin rummy, but with beautifully crafted tiles instead of cards. The objective is straightforward: be the first to create a specific sequence with your tiles.

The appeal of Mahjong might be attributed to its supposed benefits like fostering patience and courtesy. But let's be real, our bustling city life leaves little room for patience. Studies cited by Market Business News highlight Mahjong's role in enhancing cognitive functions and memory. Even Julia Roberts finds solace in the game's relaxing nature. However, these reasons barely scratch the surface of why we gather to play.

Our motivation is pure enjoyment. No formalities, no agendas, just the game and our company. Surprisingly, our sessions are devoid of food or drink, save for the occasional LaCroix, making our gatherings an anomaly among social groups. Yet, this doesn't diminish our joy; if anything, it amplifies it.

The game's origins are shrouded in mystery, with debates on its inception and even its spelling. Yet, its introduction to America in the 1920s by Joseph P. Babcock marked the beginning of a long-standing fascination.

The recent pandemic has reignited interest in Mahjong, underscoring our innate need for connection. Mahjong offers a perfect remedy: a close-knit setting for four, sharing not just a game but moments of genuine interaction.

The Buckhead Mahjong Club on Facebook serves as a gateway for newcomers, offering lessons and gatherings for enthusiasts of all levels. Our group's routine, though not fixed to a weekly schedule, has become a cherished part of our lives, bringing laughter and a sense of cousinhood that lasts long after the tiles are packed away.

For us, Mahjong transcends mere game play. It's a testament to the joy of simple pleasures, the warmth of companionship, and the laughter that binds us. And in the end, isn't that what every Tuesday or Wednesday night should be about?

(First reported by: Market Business News, The Seattle Times)

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